Lead Generation Ideas: 50 Formulas, Templates & Examples

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Headline Formulas

Everybody‘s read the “Ultimate Guide to [X]” headline so many times that it’s lost all meaning. Instead, try these creative, fill-in-the-blank headline formulas:


1. Learn How to [Achieve Result] Without [Pain]

Identifying what your target audience wants to learn is a hugely important element of content marketing. Identifying the most difficult part of that learning process, however, is equally important.

This headline formula shows your audience both that you know what they want and what’s frustrating about learning it.

Use this formula…

When writing general, top-of-funnel content to attract readers.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Learn How to Drive Website Traffic Without Spending Thousands on Ads
  • Learn How Create a Professional Ebook Without Hiring a Freelancer
  • Learn How to Create a Beautiful Landing Page Without Coding


2. We Found a Way to [Achieve Result] Without [Pain]

Similar to the above, this is all about finding the thing that your target audience wants to achieve. The difference, and strength, of this formula, though, lies in the transparency and case-study format it’s in.

People love hearing how businesses achieved their success in concrete terms. Analytics graphs and before/after screenshots make for extremely appealing content.

Use this formula…

When writing super shareable content for, or Reddit. People on forums love to hear business case studies and then follow up with questions.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • We Found a Way to Re Engage with Our Inactive Email List Without Bribing Them
  • We Found a Way to Capture 80% More Blog Leads Without Changing Everything
  • We Found a Way to Boost Pricing Page Conversion 80% Without a Complete Redesign


3. The One Thing We’d Do Differently if We Could do [Activity] Over Again

This is another transparency post, but far more based in “we made a mistake” than it is “we’re awesome!”

This is a delicate space, but, if you play your cards right it can be extremely appealing to readers, both educating them about a strategy and creating trust and developing your relationship.

Use this formula…

When targeting existing subscribers and nurturing them into leads or sales.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • How We’d Look for Angel Investment Differently, if We Got a Do-Over
  • The One Thing We’d Do Differently if We Could Start our Blog From Scratch
  • The One Thing We’d Do Differently if We Had Another Shot at Designing Our Office Space


4. The One [Activity] Mistake We Made That Cost Us [Pain]

This one is even more specific, and people love to hear the real results of a mistake or a success. Neil Patel (digital marketing guru) is famous for these types of articles – though he bases them on his successes, rather than failures. Either way, you’re showing your readers a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

Use this formula…

Both when targeting forums and when contacting existing subscribers and nurturing them into leads or sales.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • The One Email Mistake that Cost Us $137,000
  • The One Email Triumph Which made Us $137,000
  • The One Car Maintenance Mistake Which Almost Lost me My Life


5. What [Unexpected Activity] Taught Me About [Achieving Goal]

This headline formula is a great one for attracting attention and the eye of prospective readers.

In many ways, this formula works to shock people. But if you back it up then you can create

Use this formula…

This is another top-of-funnel article formula, in general. It’s about grabbing the eye of Facebook users, forum members or people scrolling through an RSS feed curator.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • What Going Bankrupt Taught Me Personal Finance
  • What Working for a Massive Corporation Taught Me About Running a Startup
  • What Having my Son Taught Me About Running a Startup


6. Lessons Learned from [Number] Failures in [Activity]

Rather than giving a specific cost or benefit from your strategy (like in formula #4), this headline formula frames it in terms of times you fell down.

This formula, right off the bat, communicates the idea that your business is serious about the strategies you talk about, and extremely experienced in them.

Use this formula…

When trying to develop a relationship with readers, getting them to trust you. If sending content in an email drip campaign, send this article before your transition content but after your general educational articles.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Lessons Learned from 50 Failed A/B Tests
  • What I Learned from Writing 100 Articles Nobody Read
  • Lessons Learned from a Conference Presentation Nobody Clapped For


7. How [Well-Known Person/Company] [Does Activity]

Even if nobody knows who you are, they know Apple, Coca-Cola, Seth Godin, Moz and Social Media Examiner.

Those are recognizable names people trust. If you can provide insight into how they found success, your readers will read.

Even if you’re not exactly a household name

Use this formula…

When you’re starting a content strategy and looking to build your name and attract attention.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • How Apple Writes Sales Copy
  • How Neil Patel Writes 300 Blog Articles a Year
  • How Red Bull Monetizes Instagram, and What You Can Learn


8. A [Adjective] Method that’s Helping __________ to __________.

This headline formula taps, again, into the brand recognition strategy above. This time, however, we’re using the adjective to grab attention.

This title is also as close to clickbait as we’re going to get in these lead generation formulas.

Use this formula…

When you’re starting a content strategy and looking to build your name and attract attention.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • A Proven Method that’s Helping Litmus See 45% Newsletter Open Rates
  • The Surprising Strategy Behind Moz’ Whiteboard Friday Success
  • The 225 Year Old Ad Strategy that’s Helping Coca-Cola Win on Instagram


9. The Idea That [Target Audience] Can’t [Achieve Goal] is Bull****

Controversy begets readership so long as you’re not just yelling on the street corner with a cardboard sign around your neck.

Back up what you’re saying and people will be attracted, click, read, comment and subscribe.

Cussing is also a good thing to test. Some target audiences respond to it and some do not. Be careful, but don’t hesitate to use it to grab attention if it doesn’t alienate.

Use this formula…

When you’re looking to create a community and drive engagement. Good for list building.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • The Idea That the Auto Industry Shouldn’t Invest in Content Marketing is Bull****
  • The Idea That Freelance Bloggers Can’t Make Money is Bull****
  • The Idea That Facebook Can’t Drive Sales is Bull****


10. Do you Make These [Number] [Topic] Mistakes?

Making a mistake is something no professional wants. The fear of it is, in many ways, more powerful than the desire for success.

And numbers, in content marketing, a proven strategy. They tell your reader exactly what they’re in for before they click, giving them an idea of the comprehensiveness or brevity of the post.

A question is also a great way to attract the eye of readers, both as an article title and subject line for an email.

Use this formula…

When you need a good top-of-funnel or general article for existing blog subscribers.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Do You Make These 11 Google Adwords Mistakes?
  • Do You Make These 10 Landing Page Optimization Mistakes?
  • Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When Giving a Presentation?

Headline Formulas


11. Be Clear and Direct

Lead generation messaging often dances around the subject, offering vagaries where direct language would be better.

Command attention and be upfront with what you can offer prospective leads.

Use this formula…

When you’re ready to be straight with the leads you’re nurturing.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Become a Successful Freelancer in 90 Days
  • Get A Better Return from Your PPC Budget
  • Stop Wasting Money on Freelancers. Start Creating your Own Beautiful Landing Pages in Minutes.


12. The personal testimonial

People trust testtmonials more than they do, and with good reason.

Your brand is biased towards your strengths, and leads and visitors know that. A testimonial and third-party endorsement feels more objective than any messaging that comes from you.

Use this formula…

When you’ve already communicated the value of your platform from your point of view

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • “The most helpful and most reliable customer support I’ve ever experienced”
  • “I lost 25 pound in the first 60 days, and I feel amazing!”
  • “The premier guide to SEO. Strategies from this book increased my blog traffic by 250%.”


13. The Story Headline

We love stories, and every successful content marketer has been using them for the past couple years to set themselves apart.

We love to learn more about the authors behind the copy, and a story-focused headline can intrigue visitors or leads into learning more.

Use this formula…

When looking to grab the attention of leads or visitors.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • The 10 Things I Learned about Running a Business While Hiking the Adirondacks
  • I Was Bedridden for 3 months. Here’s What I Learned about Marketing While Staring at the Ceiling.
  • 12 Months Ago I Started a Business. Here’s What I Got Right (and Wrong)


14. The Test

We all want to test ourselves (just look at Buzzfeed’s front page if you don’t believe me).

We want to pit ourselves against others and see where we come out. Establishing ourselves in the pecking order, or at least recognizing where we already are, is important to our sense of self.

This headline formula taps into that need.

Use this formula…

When grabbing the eye of blog readers with a sidebar headline and image.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Can Your Kitchen Pass the Guest Test?
  • There are 4 Types of Content Marketer. Which One Are You?
  • Take our conversion rate optimization test. Which A/B test do you think won?


15. [Do Something] like [World-Class Example]

Modern life is characterised by the pursuit of an ideal. We all want to look like Brad Pitt, sing like Adele, write like Seth Godin, run a business like Steve Jobs and throw a football like Russell Wilson.

Why, then, is your lead generation copy not tapping into that desire?

Use this formula…

When brainstorming subject lines for your email campaigns. This headline might get clicks from social or email, but might not be optimized for SEO.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Get Twitter Followers Like Larry Kim
  • Hire the Best Graduates Like Google
  • Increase your Social Influence Like Guy Kawasaki


16. How to Survive your first ________

Use this formula…

When looking to grab the eye of top-of-funnel readers within your industry.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • How to Survive Running a Startup
  • How to Survive an IPO
  • How to Survive a Corporate Takeover (With your Dignity Intact)


17. 9 Out of 10 (Audience Members) Can’t/Don’t ____________. Are You One of Them?

Firstly we have the numeral, which is a proven headline strategy. Next we have the strength of testing/establishing pecking order among people reading the title.

Nobody wants to be part of the majority or minority doing something wrong. Question their confidence with this headline.

Use this formula…

When creating a community or driving blog subscribers.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • 6 out of 10 Google Advertisers Aren’t Breaking Even, Are You One of Them?
  • 9 out of 10 Email Marketers are Making this Subject Line Mistake. Are You One of Them?
  • 8 out of 10 Copy Editors Don’t Catch This Obvious Error. Are You One of Them?


18. Are You Still Wasting/Losing Money on ______________ (Without Anything to Show for It?)

This headline formula functions similarly to the one above, but exchanges the strength of the numeral for the strength of the idea of wasting money.

Loss aversion is the psychological factor which tells us that people are more opposed to losing something worth $5 than they are to gaining something worth $5.

Tap into that psychological factor to find success with this lead generation formula.

Use this formula…

When creating a community or driving blog subscribers.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Are You Still Wasting Money on Google Adwords (Without Anything to Show for It?)
  • Are You Still Losing Time Trying to Code Your Own Landing Pages  (Without Anything to Show for It?)
  • Are You Spending Money on Social Media Without Being Able to Track Results?


19. People Regularly Pay Me ($) for [Offer] – But You Can Have it FREE:

GIving a dollar value to your lead generation offer is a great way to incentivize engagement.

If you tell people how much something is worth, in dollars, they’ll believe you – it’s why so many businesses running social promotions find success with copy like “Get a Week in Honolulu. Prize worth $2500.”

Without the “Prize is worth” copy, the prize feels ephemeral. Dollar value makes it concrete.

Use this formula…

When really trying to sell to leads.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Fortune 500 Companies Pay Me Thousands of Dollars for My Time. But You Can Get it For Free
  • People Regularly Pay Me $280/hour to Optimize their Sites. Get that Optimization for Free until January 1st.
  • Google Paid Me $1450 for These Onboarding Strategies. I’m Giving Them to You for FREE.


20. [Number] Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your _____________

This one is intriguing, but only if you back it up.

You have to actually do some digging to uncover the factors in your industry that are actually little-known.

Otherwise the headline will get a click and the first couple paragraphs will ensure an immediate bounce.

Use this formula…

When driving top-of-funnel traffic from social media or forums.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • 5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect The Return on your Next PPC Campaign
  • 3 Little-Known Factors That Changed the Way I Write Newsletters
  • 5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Social Media ROI.



21. Give Credit (Name Drop, Hard)

If you’ve teamed up with a recognizable business or influencer for your lead generation offer, don’t keep it under wraps. Sing it from the mountains.

This sub-headline strategy is based around the fact that your business hasn’t yet created instinctive trust with prospective leads. Your co-host, on the other hand, may have.

Use this formula…

When you need to add credibility to your lead generation offer

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Acme SaaS is proud to present our 2017 guide to lead nurturing with growth hacking thought-leader Sujan Patel.
  • Acme SaaS is proud to host Buffer’s own Kevan Lee in this month’s Growth Marketing Fireside Chat.
  • Acme SaaS is proud to publish this comprehensive guide created in conjunction with leading social media platform Hootsuite


22. ‘Anyone Can do it’

It’s likely that your headline is going to be aspirational – tapping into people’s desire for great things.

The difficulty with that, though, is that a lot of people, immediately, will disbelieve what you say.

That’s where the “Anyone Can Do It” subheadline comes into play to assure visitors and assuage their concerns that your lofty offer is actually feasible.

Use this formula…

When you’ve used an aspirational headline or one that seems far-fetched.


3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • And You Don’t Need to Spend Thousands to Do It
  • And You Won’t Need Six Months to Get There
  • And It Can All Be Done from the Comfort of your Own Home


23. The ‘Take Action’ Sub-headline

When people engage with your headline, whether that’s a clickthrough or simply reading on, tell them exactly what they need to do next. They shouldn’t have to search through paragraphs of text or scroll.

The “Take Action’ subheader gets right to the point.

Use this formula…

When your headline is aspirational but not action-oriented.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • People Are Talking About You: Find Them and Start Talking Back
  • Your target market is out there, waiting. Learn how to reach them where and when they’re ready to buy.
  • Your dream house has already been built. Find it with Wyoming’s most comprehensive real estate search.


24. The Explainer

Your headline grabs attention, the subheadline explains why it’s possible and how it relates to your target market’s pain points.

Without an explainer subheadline, many lead generation offers die after the headline. You might grab their attention, but you don’t keep it long enough to communicate the how.

Use this formula…

When your headline is appealing but vague.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • This amazing course will teach you, step by step, how to double if not triple your traffic over the next 30 days.
  • This webinar will give you a complete walkthrough on building your blog readership from 0 – 10,000 readers a month.
  • Google Analytics Tells you the Number of Visitors: AcmeSaaS Shows you Who They Are


25. Tell ‘Em What To Do

Sometimes you need to get straight to the point. If your headline is a good one – attracting the eye and communicating value clearly and succinctly, then your sub-headline needs to do nothing more than direct action.

Use this formula…

When your headline already says everything it needs to say and you know you shouldn’t repeat it.

3 Examples of this Lead Generation Formula:

  • Enter your name and email below.
  • Subscribe now to receive our next article
  • Fill out the form on the right to download the templates


26. The Reason Why

Start with ‘why’ in this subheadline. Explain and highlight why subscribing to this newsletter will benefit them. This is a great sub-headline for subscribing to your newsletter on something like a website popup.

Use this formula…

When you want to get at the meat of the issue. Address a purpose and reason for claiming your offer immediately.


  • Get the inside scoop on the latest news from [company name].
  • Get the latest strategies and grow your business.
  • Receive the latest news and promotions straight to your inbox.


27. The Social Proof

Social proof is a big factor when it comes to converting visitors. Adding an element of social proof like a testimonial helps reduce friction when converting. Word of mouth and doing as the crowd does is a powerful persuasion tool.

Use this formula…

To show that others similar to them are claiming your offer.


  • Downloaded by more than 10,000 marketers.
  • Join 3,000 other members and get the inside scoop first.
  • Used by the top marketers in [your industry].


28. The Result

Tell the user what results they can expect by converting. How will they improve? What benefits will they experience? Consumers are benefit oriented and will always ask “what’s in it for me?”

Use this formula…

To show off a little. Don’t hide your success, offer some evidence and show why a ‘yes’ is the right choice.


  • 56% increase in conversions.
  • Increase your traffic by 35%.
  • Double your opt-ins and grow your email list.


29. See how you can [achieve goal]

Allow your visitors to picture themselves achieving their goals. This sub-headline is used to create a sense of curiosity. See or picture yourself achieving ‘X’ result.

Use this formula…

To provide a tangible example of how they can achieve what they’re looking for.


  • See how you can encourage your web visitors to convert.
  • See how you can double your website’s revenue.
  • See how you double your Facebook Page Likes.

Button Text


30. I want to _______

Button text should always touch on some sort of benefit or action. The action of pressing or clicking on a button should accomplish some sort of goal. The “I want to” button signals that the visitors wants to accomplish an action and achieve some specific result.

Use this formula…

To directly address what the visitor wants. Hit that pain point or problem on the head.


  • I want to claim my spot.
  • I want to learn to make money.
  • I want to grow my business.


31. Save My Spot

For events or webinars, this button is a confirmation of attendance. “Save my spot” says “yes I want in!” It is specific and tells the visitor that they will have one of the limited spots saved for them for a webinar or event. It adds an air of exclusivity to your event or webinar.

Use this formula…

For event or webinar registration pages to make visitors feel like a VIP.


32. Get Instant Access to ______

Make your visitors feel like they’re getting access to something secret or exclusive with this button text. The doors are opening and they’re receiving exclusive content.

Use this formula…

To offer an ‘exclusive’ deal to your visitors. By clicking they’re getting the chance to rise above everyone else.


  • Get instant access to the resources.
  • Get instant access to event.
  • Get instant access to promotion.


33. Yes, Let’s Start  ___________

Confirm a user’s action and start with this button text. By clicking this button the visitor is say “Yes” they’d like to receive what you have to offer. After saying yes, tell them the next step in the process.

Use this formula…

If your visitors are hungry to start right away. It attached immediacy to your offer.


  • Yes, Let’s Start Growing My Business
  • Yes, Let’s Start Converting Leads
  • Yes, Let’s Start the Free Course


34. Send me the free ___________

Much like the previous example, you’re getting your visitor to say yes when they click the button. They’re agreeing to enter into a relationship with you and you’re telling them the action they’re accomplishing. Use this button if you’re offering a free resource or lead magnet to collect leads.

Use this formula…

To make it seem like you’re taking the time to personally send some sort of resource.


  • Send me the free ebook.
  • Send me the free resource.
  • Send me the free templates.


35. Join Free __________

Have a membership website, free trial offer, or exclusive member-only type website? Use this button text to have members confirm that they’re getting access to an exclusive group.

Use this formula…

To opt users into your network. Make it seems like they’re receiving exclusive access to a coveted resource.


  • Join Free Today.
  • Join Free Now.


36. Unlock __________ for Free

Offering free resources to your audience? Use this button text to have visitors ‘unlock’ the resources. This text uses an air of exclusivity, to make visitors feel like they’re receiving something special. “Unlocking” lends a feeling of rarity to the resource you’re offering.

Use this formula…

To create a sense of rarity for your offer. Unlocking means access to something exclusive.


  • Unlock the Ebook for Free
  • Unlock the Resources for Free
  • Unlock Article for Free
unlock article for free cta


37. Yes, I want to [achieve goal]

Is your audience looking to achieve a specific goal or action? This button text is meant to offer a solution to their problems. Address the problem and getting to the meat of the issue is what this button text does best.

Use this formula…

If you’re directly solving a pain point or problem for your user.


  • Yes, I want to Grow my Business.
  • Yes, I want to generate more leads.
  • Yes, I want to fix my marriage.


38. Download [Offer] (P.S. It’s Free!)

Here is another variation of action-oriented button text. It includes a ‘P.S.’ at the end as a subtle reminder that they’re receiving a ton of value for free. Use this button text if you have a free resource to offer your audience.

Use this formula…

As a reminder that you’re providing real value for FREE.


  • Download this ebook (P.S. It’s Free!)
  • Download this photoshop template (P.S. It’s Free!)
  • Download this webinar (P.S. It’s Free!)


39. Tell Me More

For businesses with a long sales cycle or a high list price button text like “Shop now” or “Buy Now” are typically advised against. Why? Because there is a lot of runway left before a visitor turns into a paying customer. First, they’d like to learn more. As you further develop your relationship they’re eventually be ready to buy. Use this button text to provide more information to a potential buyer.

Use this formula…

To have users opt into learning more about your product or service.


40. Become a ____________

Your audience has dreams and aspirations don’t they? This button text aims to address them. The text aims directly at the source of their problems and claims to solve them in a single click.

Use this formula…

Fulfill the dreams of your users or to solve a pesky issue they’re dealing with.


  • Become a better blogger in 30 days.
  • Become a conversion rate expert.
  • Become a better writer in 30 days.


41. I’m In!

“I’m in” as button text tackles the opt-in action directly. Visitors that have read your content and have agreed to continue developing their relationship with you are ‘in’. If you’re making any sort of presentation or offer, “I’m in!” allows your visitors to opt-in with passion and zeal. Like agreeing to an outing with a friend, “I’m in” states that you’re subscribing to what is offered.

Use this formula…

To create excitement for your offer. Is your user in or are they out (missing all the value you’re providing)?


42. Take me to ___________

In regards to best practices for button text, the next steps should always be communicated to visitors. Being taken somewhere random or unexpected can be confusing for new visitors, that’s why text should be specific and action-oriented. “Take me to” concretely states the next page or action that takes place after a visitor clicks on the button.

Use this formula…

To lead the way for your user. Show them the way to success and let them know where they’re about to go.


  • Take me to my free ebook
  • Take me to my free guide
  • Take me to the examples


43. Start ___________

Visitors and customers want results, and the want results now. The faster the better. Using the word start communicate immediacy to visitors that click the button. Use this button text to communicate immediate action and results.

Use this formula…

To start right this moment. They’ll start achieving their goals and solving problems.


  • Start generating more leads.
  • Start growing your business.
  • Start making money from home.


44. Teach me how to _________ (ie. retain more users)

One of the pillars of content marketing involves educating an audience. If you’re offering valuable educational resources to your audience your button text must communicate that value. This button text signals opting in for a educational experience.

Use this formula…

If you’re educating your audience and helping them reach the places they want to go.


  • Teach me how to retain more users.
  • Teach me how to make money online.
  • Teach me how to grow my email list.



45. The Before-After-Experience Testimonial

What hesitations did your client have before they purchased? What did they experience after? How did they feel about the whole experience? Each section of the before-after-experience testimonial speaks to the hesitations of a potential buyer. The buyer can relate to the feeling a past customer had before they went through the process and relate to the hesitation. They’ll be able to relate to any hesitations a similar customer may have had.


46. T.E.A.S.E

  • Tactful: Does it have the tact to deal with the problem or issue at hand?
  • Emphasize: Does it emphasize the solution or strength of the offer?
  • Authentic: Is the experience they’re telling authentic sounding?
  • Short: Is it short and sweet and to the point?
  • Engaged: Does it engage readers?

Short testimonials are great to have alongside longer ones. Testimonials that are easily digested at a glance can quickly sway a buyer’s decision.


47. Specific, Short, Sizzling, Signed

Here’s a formula with the simplicity we like. Just remember the 4 S’s: specific, short, sizzling, signed. Is your testimonial specific as to the problem and solution? Is it short, eliminating any fluff or substantial info? Is is sizzling enough to grab attention and produce relatability? Is it signed from a real user or customer?


48. Formula for pinpoint testimonials: I approached [business name] because ….[business name] helped me by ….The result was ….One thing I liked was their ….I found the experience ….I would recommend [business name] to people who need.

This one is a rather straightforward formula. Fill in the blanks starting with the problem your business solved, the results, and the overall experience. It is shaped like a story to take readers from beginning to end so they can put themselves in the writer’s shoes. Relatability comes when you paint as vivid a picture as possible.


49. Before – During – After – Favorite – Emotion – Ideal For

A simple way to spin the previous example into your own unique testimonial is to remember before, during, after, favourite, emotion, ideal for.

  • What was the customer feeling before?
  • How did they feel during the experience?
  • How did they feel after?
  • What was their favourite part of the experience?
  • How did they feel about the entire experience?
  • Who is this product or service ideal for?


50. Don’t over edit. Use testimonials that fit. Address objections. Never fake it. Encourage specifics.

  • Don’t over edit: Don’t add too much fluff to your testimonial copy. Language that is real and conversational do a lot to prove that it’s coming from a real person.
  • Use testimonials that fit: Use the right testimonials that fit with the product/service you’re trying to promote.
  • Address objections: There will always be those hesitant to buy. They’re on the fence for a reason, reasons that you should address immediately.
  • Never fake it: A fake testimonial can work sometimes but it’ll do tremendous damage if anyone finds out. Most people can smell a fake from a mile away.
  • Encourage specifics: One way to tell a story is true is by the details the storyteller uses. Specifics are relatable. Use real results not just generic “improvements”, actually state the percentage or dollar figure.


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