Lead Generation Marketing: 100 Strategies, Ideas and Examples Part 3

31. Academy #2: Create lead-nurturing courses

An academy is also an excellent lead-nurturing tool. Let your new leads know about your courses and give them free access (as they’ve already provided you with their lead information). Alternatively, ask for more valuable lead information in exchange for accessing the whole academy.

We compiled a number of our successful users into case study PDFs and uploaded them to the academy:

academy lead nurturing

To learn more, check out Our Case Study Courses in Wishpond Academy.

32. Academy #3: Create onboarding and platform-educational courses

Once your leads have been generated and nurtured into users, your academy is still incredibly useful for onboarding and educating them about the platform.

We compiled all of our pre-existing “how-to” guides and use cases into PDFs:

academy onboarding guides

To learn more, check out Our Use-Case Courses in Wishpond Academy

33. Slideshare #1

Slideshare is an awesome platform for both driving new traffic and generating leads. WIth an audience of 70 million active users, it’s an opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

My first strategy for Slideshare lead generation is, plain and simply, Slideshare’s Lead Generation Tool.

Slideshare charges $8.50 (USD) for each lead generated using the lead form embedded in your presentations.

For some of you, that might sound steep, but what if your lead gen form reads “Interested in learning more about Wishpond’s lead generation software and how we can help your business do more with your traffic? Register for a VIP demo!”

And, given that you can set that embedded lead form to appear at any point within your slideshare as well as upon download and when people click “Learn More,” a successful slide deck might yield a few good leads.

Test it, see if it makes sense for your business, and go from there.

slideshare lead generation

To learn more, check out How You Can Repurpose Content into Powerful Lead Generation Incentives.

34. Slideshare #2

Another lead generation strategy within Slideshare is a simple CTA at the end of your slidedeck. If your presentation has been valuable and the content awesome, recommend a related ebook or newsletter subscription and then link to the landing page within your website.

My recommendation for this is to create your slidedecks with Canva or Google Presentation, add the links there, and then export as a PDF.

NOTE: Remember to place your links and CTAs in the top two-thirds of your presentation. The bottom navigation bar will make it difficult for your viewers to engage with any links placed there.

Here’s what it looks like:

slideshare bottom

35. Slideshare #3

My last lead generation strategy for Slideshare is the same recommendation I have for Reddit (see 50 Ways to Drive Website Traffic for that) – only give 50-75% of your content away on Slideshare. Retain the rest in gated format on your blog.

Essentially, this is a Slideshare “content upgrade.

36. Facebook Lead-Gen Ad #1

Facebook released its lead generation tool last June, and they’re super successful.

And it makes sense why. Facebook users don’t like being sent off-platform (just like blog readers prefer to be kept within your blog to convert on gated content). They’re comfortable where they are, and they know their surroundings. Sending them to your website just results in them being uncomfortable and, immediately, aware they’re going to be aggressively sold to.

facebook lead gen ad 1

To learn more, check out Facebook Ad guru Jon Loomer’s “Facebook Lead Ads Simplify Opt-in Forms, and They Will Be AWESOME.”

37. Facebook Lead-Gen Ad #2

My second recommendation for Facebook Lead Generation Ads would be to exclusively run them on mobile and continue to run desktop ad views to your ad’s landing page. Facebook’s lead form is far easier to convert-upon than a landing page, and it’s possible you’ll have higher conversion rates from mobile visitors than you would otherwise.

To learn more, check out “3 Examples of Landing Pages Optimized for Facebook Ad Traffic.”

38. Facebook Lead-Gen Ad #3

A cool way to use Facebook Lead Generation ads would be to run them towards a <a href=””>lookalike audience</a> made up of people similar to those who converted on a single piece of gated content, or on several pieces on the same subject.

A lookalike audience is made from a custom audience, which can be created by importing a CSV of your business’ current leads and then cross-referencing them with Facebook users who are similar demographically, in terms of interests or in terms of behavior.

To learn more, check out “The Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Ads.

39. Twitter Lead-Gen Cards #1

Twitter’s Lead-Gen Cards are something I’ve never tried, but I know people who have put them to good use.

twitter lead gen

To learn more, check out “Twitter’s Guide to Creating a Lead Generation Campaign.

40. Twitter Lead-Gen Cards #2

Twitter, unlike Facebook, actually allows you to target users based on the content of their Tweets (though I’m sure Facebook has thought about this). It’s a cool feature, as it allows you to reach users within minutes of their tweet with content relevant to what they’re thinking about.

twitter lead gen cards

41. Twitter Lead-Gen Cards #3

Targeting the Followers of a single Twitter user (or Followers of your Followers) gives you specific access to highly-targeted people as well as adds social proof to your advertisement.

twitter lead gen target

42. Give Popup Viewers a Negative Option

A negative option CTA within your lead generation popups makes viewers choose to disengage, whereas before simply not acting was an action. Now, they have to actively choose to not accept.

In the words of Joann Weibe, “I have to choose to opt-out, meaning that if I decide not to take the freebie offered, I have to choose (or say yes to) a negative consequence.”

Here’s an example:

opt-out popup button

And here’s the results seen by CopyHackers when they implemented this lead generation strategy:

copyhackers negative button

To learn more, check out CopyHacker’s “Choices, Consequences and the Reason Every Pop-Up Box Needs 2 Buttons: Opt In, and Opt Out.”

43. Personalize Lead Gen Pages Based on Visitor Activity

The more specifically you can target your lead generation strategy, the more success you’ll have with it.

A great example of this is to use merge tags in coordination with a visitor’s traffic source.

For instance, have a single landing page for all guest contributions. So when someone clicks the link in your author bio they’re sent to a blog-specific landing page which, using merge tags, the headline might say “Hi there [Social Media Examiner] reader! Thanks for visiting Wishpond. We create lead generating and marketing automation software. Have a look around!”

This is done by adding a bit of code into the link in your author bio, something like this:

Landing Page Builder

44. Slide-in Popups

An overlay popup (both full-screen and smaller) is an interruption. That’s the strength of them: asking visitors to make a choice about converting, subscribing or becoming a lead (because, as we know, the easiest decision to make is no decision at all).

But you don’t necessarily want to get in the way of your awesome blog articles (which is why I’m such a fan of click popups), and, for newsletter subscription particularly, a side-bar slide-in popup works wonders for lead generation.

Check out this example from, which appears when you scroll about 50% of the way down the page.

idonethis slide-in popup

To learn more, check out “25 B2B Lead Generation Strategies.”

45. Go Specific with your Lead Magnets

It’s never a bad idea to create more lead magnets (unless your Social Media Examiner, who defy normal best practice with a single industry report per year).

And the more specific you can go with your offer – based on what a visitor is viewing – the better.

For instance…

  • A specific lead magnet for an article on Twitter best practices could be a gated PDF of successful Tweet formulas.
  • A specific lead magnet for an article about visual design could be a gated ZIP file of 50 high quality, free stock photos.
  • A specific lead magnet for an article about lead nurturing could be a gated HTML file of proven email templates.

To learn more, check out “9 Lead Magnet Ideas People Actually Want.”


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